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Marketing Data & Lead Generation

Real-time Web Leads

The Odin Group can generate real time web leads across several verticals.

  • Bespoke landing page is built from scratch
  • We then market this across numerous online platforms. (SEO, PPC, SMM)
  • Traffic organically travels to the landing page
  • Prospects leave their details on the online form fill found on page 1 of the landing page.
  • Upon enquiring, the information is passed on to our affiliates who can assist them with their enquiry.

We currently generate real-time web leads across the following verticals.

  • Investment Property
  • ISA Review
  • Funeral Planning
  • Life Insurance
  • Private Medical Insurance

We are also open to new projects so if you don’t find your vertical listed above please don’t hesitate to reach out and we can price up the project for you.

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